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Experts in EV Chargers, Power Storage Solution ( Batteries ) for Household Inverters & EV’s,

Buying an electric vehicle can be as difficult as choosing the right chargers and batteries for it. Customers get frustrated trying to figure out which electric vehicle charging s to purchase, where to get it, its total costs, etc. Our goal is to assist you in finding the chargers and batteries that are right for you. GES is here to make sure you’re receiving all the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.

We have solutions for everyone, whether you operate an electric vehicle fleet, Inverter Batteries, or need EV charging stations for your employees and customers.

Why to Choose GES

EV chargers & Batteries is all we do.

Focussing on current need of the hour, bringing you the best EV essentials and installation at fair prices

Backend networked software solutions.

For commercial and fleet installations

Installation of your EV charger and Battery Management System(BMS).

GES professional, licensed and insured electricians are here to help you

Marching towards an eco-friendly environment

Empowering EV to the future

Assist your needs

Educate you towards potentially available Funds, rebates &tax credits, and help complete EV Setup

One-Stop Solution For All Your EV Needs

Whether you are looking to install a charger/Battery swapping for a fleet of vehicles! GES  offers a full range of hardware and software so lutions that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. GES can supply complete turn-key solutions or you can choose individual elements from Alternative Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC) chargers

Alternative Current (AC) Charging
-On Board Chargers

AC chargers are the most common way of charging an electric vehicle today. It is a solution that requires minimal upgrades or changes to a facility's existing power supply. Most vehicles today will support AC charging as standard and are available with either single or dual sockets.

Slow - Ranging from 1.4kW to 4kW _Type 1 Connector (bike charging and Car charging at home).
Fast - Ranging from 3kW to 20kW_Type 2 Connectors these units are excellent for topping-up or supporting fleet charging at depots.
Wireless - Still a relatively expensive option there are a number of solutions in the market that give drivers a hands-free charging experience. Typical rates are around 3.4kW.

Direct Current (DC) Charging
- Off Board Chargers

DC chargers deliver power into vehicles more quickly than AC. Drivers using DC chargers will receive a quicker charging experience. Installing DC chargers will likely require an upgrade to the facility's energy supply. Bhart DC 001/CHAdeMO/CCS Connectors

Fast - Ranging from 20kW to 24kW.

Rapid - Ranging from 43kW to 60kW.

Ultra Rapid - Ranging from 100kW to 150kw

Pantograph & Probe (Public Transport & Goods Vehicles) - 200kW+